How to Buy Oriental Rugs!

Best tip: The most important point to remember when purchasing a carpet is to deal with reputable dealer and buy the carpet because you love it. Don’t let a carpet dealer persuade you to buy a piece that you don’t want. Trust your self and make your own desicion.

Below you will find information that will be useful for you to help distinguish between the rugs you see in local, low-cost warehouse type stores and authentic, hand woven rugs.

How are rugs priced?

There are several major factors that play a role in the expense of an oriental carpet. Since all of our rugs are hand knotted, the major expense when purchasing a contemporary carpets is labor. However with old - antique rugs and flatweaves this is completely different we take into consideration factors such as the quality of wool, color, design, age and the condition of the piece. In the past, old - antique carpets and flatweaves were traditionally made for a woman’s dowry, making each piece individual and unique. It is important to remember that there is no set price range for old - antique carpets, due to the aforementioned factors.

Which country makes the best rugs?

This is a difficult question to answer. All countries make good and bad rugs. If you compare the best that every country has to offer, they would all be comparable in standards. As they are hand - knotted it’s really the quality of the wool and dyes used that is important.

Why are handmade rugs so expensive?

We don’t believe they are. If you take into account that handmade rugs takes long time to make and they are meant to last for generations, they are extremely good value.

Why is your prices are fixed?

At Boutique Carpets we try our best to give you fair prices as we have fixed price policy since we setup our business so every one gets the same professional service and fair prices.
Faruk spends time with his clients, giving them many examples as possible to teach them what to look for in good quality carpets and gives prices as he shows the carpets so you can also judge them by their prices.
As most majority of our clients comes back to us send their family and friends confidently, we can not play with our prices.

Where do your rugs come from?

All the rugs at Boutique Carpets are individually selected by Faruk, being sourced from the village bazaars and first picks of the contemporary wholesellers. As we are located in the heart of Anatolia, we have a large source of Anatolian carpets, kilims and cicims. We have access to many local and international producers, as well as directly importing from oriental carpet making countries such as from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, and Azerbaijan. Being a direct importer enables us to accomplish several things. We can individually pick out every rug which enables us to have the very best every producer has to offer. Being a direct importer also enables us to keep the prices reasonable. These are two very good reasons to purchase your rugs from us.

Why do rugs have color change throughout them?

This is known as abrash we love abrash because it makes the carpet unique to itself in naturally dyed rugs. Originally most rugs were woven with natural dyes. These dyes were derived from plants, vegetables, fruits. As the wool would not have all been dyed at the same time there will be an inconsistency in colors and defines the term abrash. It is a very common feature and most clients like these color changes, especially when trying to match colors to fabrics. But we don’t like these color change in some specific types of carpets that has to have the color consistency like (Silk, and some types of commercially made carpets with chemical dyes) as this color changes can also devvelues the carpet.

What's the difference between Natural dyes and Chemical dyes which is better?

We love natural dyes especially in old tribal carpets as it makes them unique and special.  Making natural dye needs expertise as not everyone can make good naturel dyes. Remember that just because the wool is naturally dyed it doesn’t make it good. We look at other features such as wool, color, design, quality and the overall composition of the carpet. Chemical dyes have been used in the carpet industry since the 1850’s. The industry has become very professional and as a result there are beautiful chemically dyed carpets in today’s market.

There can be good and bad seen in both natural and chemically dyed rugs. For further information on dyes, a very good, non-commercial website to view:

Can I get a good deal at a going out of business sale?

Probably not. Most going out of business sales are staged from the days the store opens. Legitimate rug dealers are in a constant battle trying to fight these scams. Most going out of business sales are 3rd and 4th choices of rugs dealers; which they cannot sell. It can’t be said that you will never get a good deal since beauty is whatever you perceive it to be, but odds are certainly against it.

Do I need rug pads?

A rug pad doesn’t help the longevity of a rug, but can be used for two distinct purposes. If you want a more comfortable feeling, a  thick pad can help achieve this. This is recommended in family rooms where children are likely to be spending a lot of time. The other reason for using a rug pad is for safety. This is particularly useful for runners and will keep the rug in place to prevent anyone from slipping.

Why should we buy a rug from Boutique Carpets?

Owner of Boutique Carpets, Faruk Ciftci, has over 27 years experience and firsthand knowledge of oriental carpets and textiles. He also provides highly informative rug educationals and is always happy to share his knowledge and expertise. Our first priority is customer satisfaction. Our clients over the years have been trading, sending their relatives and friends to us confidently as we always value our clients and not see them for one time but for life time, as a result of that more than sixty percent of our business is repeat business. We are also very well known by the local and international producers, dealers and experts as a result we have access to fascinating selections of old – antique and contemporary rugs that producers can offer. Being in carpet trade over 25 years and having our own business since 2001 at same location with great reputation, honesty makes us one of the most outstanding business in Turkey.

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